Effects of muscular hypertrophy and aerobic training in obese submitted to bariatric surgery


  • Luciana Campanha Versiani Centro Universitário de Belo Horizonte - UNI-BH http://orcid.org/0000-0001-8063-086X
  • Danielle Aparecida Gomes Pereira
  • Giane Amorim Ribeiro Samora
  • Adauto Versiani Ramos
  • Maria de Fátima S. H. Diniz
  • Luiz Armando De Marco
  • Maria Marta Sarquis


Muscle strength, exercise, obesity, bariatric surgery, densitometry, body composition


Objectives:To assess muscles trength(MS), functional capacity (FC) and body composition and correlate these variables in obese individual safter bariatric surgery before and after a training program.

Methods: 18 obese subjects, average age 40.8±9.2 years,6 0days post-operative (PO) bariatric surgery had MS estimated at 10 maximum repetitions test and the hand grip dynamometer force (HDF). FC was evaluated by the vertical displacement test (VDT) and maximum muscle power (MMP). The training program consisted of supervised combined muscle hypertrophy and aerobic exercise 2 days/week for 36 weeks, including 6 exercises with large muscle groups, doing1-3sets,10-12 repetitions and 25 minutes of aerobic exercise. Whole body densitometry was used to assess the percentage and absolute values of lean mass (LM) and fatmass (FM) totals. We used paired Tstudent’s test and Pearson's correlation, and p<0.05 for statistical significance.

Results: There was significant reduction of anthropometric variables after training (p<0.0001). The LM percentage increased significantly in upper and lower limbs, and trunk(thorax) (p<0.0001). There were also increases in HDF, MMP and MS (p<0.05), are duction in VDT performance time (p<0.0001). High and positive correlations were found between MS and LM in lower and upper limbs (r>0.80;p<0.0001).

Conclusion: The combined program of muscle hypertrophyand aerobic exercises promoted significant increases in overall and localized MS, improved functional performance and helped to ensure a reduction of LM loss, which is very common in the PO period of this surgery.


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Author Biography

Luciana Campanha Versiani, Centro Universitário de Belo Horizonte - UNI-BH

Fisioterapeuta com área de atuação em Fisioterapia Respiratória e Cardiovascular, doutorado em Medicina Molecular pela UFMG, professora assiatente do Centro Universitário de Belo Horiznte - UNI-BH




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